Nosce te ipsum

As soon as you wake up

and in the middle of your dreams

either sun or moonlight

it’s always and only you

your hopes and memories

it’s what you are and what you will be

Inside you, an entire galaxy

and a heartbeat

Eyes neat, blur when it hurts

shiny as you blossom

and a rock as you cross them

What and who

You know it’s all into you.

You can go around, travel and ask, see and bless

But the best

is to look inside

Do not hide

Know yourself, not pride.



Unlived memory

Unlived memory

The memory of an unlived love remains

erased on the pages of your heart

It is there, present in your past

Alive in your dreams

Still you may hope, but no The time has gone

Gone forever The train, gone

But what if



No, I am telling you

There’s no turning back

Letting feelings go


Dance, my dear

in the memory you’re chasing,

dance my dear,  dance

But you’ll never know



Born again

There was a time I used to think I had no chances in life.

I used to wander around, wasting time No purpose

I used to feel lost, alone with a bunch of dreams Weak

Waiting there for anything to happen Didn’t make any sense

I looked in the mirror

Saw a stranger

Where was I Confused

Riddiculous I was hiding in between the storms

the rainbows

Just hiding between pain



I found myself one day in september

Looked up to the skies

white clouds

and cried.

The past was past

I was new

a creature of the heavens







A space man walking miles

he found himself in a crossroad

eight different roads

the turning point Milky galaxy

Open the gate Open the gate

the Gate never opened

so he waited

and waited

and the stars were watching

and metheores hit him

and the Sun laughed at him

so small so small

How could you dare


Where are you going young man

Don’t you know that we

we are bigger than you

Don’t you know

And he He was scared They could’ve killed him

He was so afraid

And he cried cried cried What

do I do now

What can I do I don’t know

I don’t know

Alone in the middle of infinite piano

I don’t know how to play




Glancing eyes between the vain lies

and the breaking points of the lives

of an Iris, came to believe in something beautiful

the Man.

He stared at his reflection in a mirror lake,

the blank dimension of his past mistakes.

What he saw was just a sequence of images chasing each other,

competing for his soul.

Will he fail or win the prize?

Will he cry invain or learn from

what has been shown?

This moment was for him the connection between

what has ceased to be

and the Will.

Pointing the flowers

falling hours and days and he’s growing old

all the things he never told

stand bold

in the secure shape of his heart of gold.



Some lonely eyes

some lonely stars.

Love is a name

a game, not

Love is rain

again, not

Love is poor

Is gold is told in the secret minds

of men. And wisdom, clear far

from envy or anger

keeps us safe

and inable to surrender.




Hermes wings do sometimes fail

and words may fall

and empty skies could sail

or clouds could smile

rain will pour

on the roofs of the poor

a horse may run

and the murder may loose

his gun

Done it’s over

underneath the bloody cover

Venus never bothered

kept dancing with the windy flavoured

wrapped in her silky chains.

Roses may cry

and Hermes won’t fly

so lovers won’t love

and traders won’t trade

the messages will fade

forgotten in the unsaid.